Why join our affiliate program?

Our Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to earn extra income, while making pets and the people they own happy with our unique and innovative pet products.

It's as easy as 1- 2- 3. You select the petjewelry.com button or banner you like best and place it on your website, and when visitors on your web site click on it they are connected to our website. Any time visitors following your link to our website make a purchase you make 15% commission for referring them. It's that easy.

Your visitors will love having easy access to the best designer pet products and the LARGEST PET CONTEST IN THE WORLD! And you will be making money without having to do the work! We take care of everything! Once you refer visitors to us we make sure they receive the best and fastest customer service on the web! We take their order, ship it quickly and take care of any and all customer service!

You can check your stats anytime!

Checking on your referral commissions any time you want is easy. Simply visit your stats page and get up to date and current information on how many visitors you have referred to us, how many sales you have made, and when your last sale was. At the end of each quarter, you will receive a check for all the fees you earned in last quarter. As always we are here to help with any and all questions you may have.

Sounds great!!! - How do I sign up?

It's as easy as 1-2-3! You are automatically approved! Simply click on "Join Program" below to complete the process and start making money today!

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Email us at  affiliate@petjewelry.com, or call us at 602-978-5860. 



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